HQD Disposable Vape 1200 Puffs


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HQD Cuvie Plus Disposables Pod Device (1200 Puffs) Specifications:

  • Brand: HQD
  • Model: Cuvie Plus
  • Size: Ø18x101mm
  • Battery  Capacity: 950mAh
  • Power Range: 7~12W
  • Puff Count: 1200
  • Weight: 45g
  • Input Voltage: 3.7V
  • E-liquid Capacity: 5.0ml
  • Concentration: 50mg/ml
  • Resistance: 1.8Ω
  • Flavors: 22 Available Flavors

Warning : This product is intended to be used with e-liquid products containing nicotine.Nicotine is an addictive chemical

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HQD Cuvie Plus Disposable

HQD Cuvie Plus Disposable : HQD Cuvie Plus disposable vape device is revolutionary with a 950mAh battery capacity as well as lasting with more than 1200 puffs! It has a super rich flavor that separates itself from the competition. Choose the e-liquid flavor you love most from the 22 available flavors. With it’s Small size and being easy to carry, easy to use, along with producing great taste, It’s hard to go wrong with the HQD Cuvie Plus disposable vape pod device.

The HQD Cuvie Plus is the next size up from the Cuvie, featuring the 950mAh battery and a whopping 1200 puffs. The Cuvie Plus boasts a sleek shape in an aluminium case, giving a sophisticated look and feel. The Cuvie Plus also features a comfort mouthpiece for the ultimate vape experience. This model is perfect for the intermediate vaper who enjoys smoking whilst out with friends or whenever the occasion suits.

Enjoy puffing on your vape without the nicotine odour, no need to worry about spraying cologne or trying to hide the evidence. With 38 flavours to choose from in the Cuvie Plus range, you have a wide range of choice and can mix flavours in the value bundle to try out a few.

What is the HQD Cuvie PLUS Disposable Vape Pen? 

 Cuvie PLUS Disposable Vape Pen by Rush is a premium disposable vape that provides a comfortable and easy-to-use vaping solution with no maintenance, charging, or refilling needed. The device comes pre-charged, pre-filled, and all you have to do is inhale from the mouthpiece thanks to auto-draw technology. The HQD Cuvie PLUS Disposable comes in a sleek round shape with a comfortable mouthpiece. It features an automatic firing system that is activated upon inhaling and a built-in 950mAh battery. It comes pre-filled with 5mL of 5% strength synthetic salt nicotine vape juice. The HQD Cuvie PLUS Disposable Vape Pen can produce up to 1200+ puffs per device and is available in a wide array of delicious flavors to choose from. The HQD Cuvie PLUS Disposable Vape Pen is also one of the best-priced disposable vapes for the amount of flavor and nicotine it packs with every puff.

What Is An HQD Cuvie PLUS Disposable Vape?

 Cuvie PLUS Disposable Vape is a vaping device that has been designed to be disposable, meaning once you’ve used all of the vape juice that comes pre-filled in the device or the battery is fully depleted, you can toss the device in the trash. The PLUS Disposable Vape comes pre-filled, pre-charged, and requires no learning process. You simply take a puff, enjoy, and throw it away when you’re finished.

How do I smoke my HQD Cuvie PLUS Disposable Vape Pen?

To begin with, you aren’t actually “smoking” the vape pen. Since there is no combustion involved and only vapor, the correct word to use would be “vaping”. Disposable vaping devices do not come with any buttons for you to press. Instead, they use a draw-activated firing system. To ‘vape’ your Cuvie PLUS Disposable Vape Pen, simply inhale from the mouthpiece.

How much nicotine is in HQD Cuvie PLUS?

Each Cuvie PLUS disposable device comes with 50mg/ml (5%) of salt nicotine. By volume, this is the equivalent of about 6 packs of cigarettes worth of nicotine. Enough for up to a week of use for the average pack-a-day smoker.


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