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K K Energy Rechargeable

Size: 118*,,25*mm25mm
Capacity: 12ml(5%)
Resistance: 1.2Ω
Battery: 850mAh
Puffs: 5000
Banana Milk, Cool Mint, Energy Drink, Grape Ice, Lush Ice, Pina COLADA RUM, Red Apple Lemon, Strawberry Donuts
KK Energy Disposable 5000 Puffs is a disposable pod that you may use from start to end owing to its type C charging connector, which allows you to recharge the battery and finish squeezing every last drop of juice from your Vape. It comes in a variety of flavors, has an air regulator ring, and lasts for around 5000 puffs.

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KK Energy Disposable Vape | Rechargeable


  • KK Vape Energy Drink:  Incredible energy drink flavor, just like a monster.
  • KK Vape Orange Soda:  Sparkling orange soda from start to finish.
  • KK Vape Banana Milk: Banana milkshake with a touch of ice. A flavor very different from any.
  • KK Vape Gummy Bear:  Sweet gummy bears with ice.
  • KK Vape Mango Strawberry Ice:  Delicious Minty Strawberry Mango Chunks.
  • KK Vape Cool Mint: A cool, breezy vape that’s smooth on the exhale leaving you with a fresh spearmint taste.
  • KK Vape Fruit Fusion: Enjoy this super sweet and playfully tart cousin of citrus.
  • KK Vape Grape: The best-tasting, natural grape flavor out there!
  • KK Vape Lush Ice: Lush Ice blends traditional mint flavors with a slight hint of watermelon.
  • KK Vape Pina Colada Rum: A naturally sweet pineapple and coconut; Pina Colada that’s absolutely bursting with flavor!
  • KK Vape Red Apple Lemon: Savory red apples and tangy lemons will have your taste buds screaming for more!
  • KK Vape Strawberry Donut: Strawberry Donut combines freshly baked donut batter topped with a tantalizing strawberry glaze.
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KK Energy Disposable Vape Features & Specifications:

  • Size: 118*25*mm25mm
  • Rechargeable vis USB Type-C
  • Capacity: 12ml(5%)
  • Resistance: 1.2Ω
  • Battery: 850mAh
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • Puffs: 5000

Apple Mango Ice, Blueberry Ice, Double Apple, Energy Drink, Fruit Fusion, Grape Ice, Mango Strawberry Ice, Strawberry Donut


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