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Yuoto disposable vape pod device 1500 puffs is a small and discreet disposable
vaporizer. It features a simple design that allows you to carry it anywhere. The Yuoto disposable vape pod device 1500 puffs can be used with e-liquids, coils, or dry herbs of your choice. You can easily fill the tank with your favorite liquid and take them wherever you want for an easy vaping experience anytime, anywhere!



Yuoto vape is one of the first electronic cigarette brands that use 18350 batteries, in addition to using refillable cartridges. Each yuoto cartridge contains about 1500 puffs (or900mah). It has a variable voltage system, with an adjustable airflow technology for abetter vaper experience. Other than these features, it’s well-known for its disposable vape pod device which makes it much more convenient to vape without refilling and charging again every time.



Daily use
Yuoto is a technology company specializing in the development of electronic cigarettes, and also engages in related hardware technologies. It was founded on January 28, 2017, by three Chinese entrepreneurs who have more than 10 years of experience in developing original e-cigarette products for both domestic uses as well as export.






Delectable Flavours


As a manufacturer of delectable flavors, yuoto aims to be one of the best brands in vaping industry. The devices are made with high-quality material which ensures your vaping experience is an enjoyable one. It comes along with delectable flavors and so you won’t have any difficulty when inhaling them.






Yuoto portable device is made of high-quality metal materials, lightweight and portable,and durable. It can support up to 1500 puffs. Yuoto disposable devices are the best choice if you run out of your E-Cigs often or just want to save money by buying a new one every day. They work like any other e-cigs but offer quite a few more benefits when compared to standard portable nicotine delivery systems that most people use for their Tobacco (and/or Marijuana) habits.




Yuoto XXL disposable vape blueberry ice


Yuoto blueberry ice disposable pod device is a blueberry flavored vape. It comes with 1500 puffs and a pod refilling kit.





Yuoto nicotine is an electronic nicotine product (ENP) that’s been gaining popularity as a more efficient and safer way for users to get their nicotine fix. The device can be used with any e-liquid, which makes it perfect for those who are looking to switch over from other methods of quitting smoking or excessive vaping.






Yuoto 5 is durable, it has a metal body and adapts to your pocket. With the built-in 900 mAh battery that provides lasting power but you can also charge via USB, You’ll never have to worry about running out of puff or having to wait too long for another one. The even better news? It comes with an inbuilt 1500 puffs so you don’t need any extra pods or refills!






One of the most common problems people face is charging or refilling their e-cigarettes. The Yuoto 5 device is all you need to enjoy your favorite brands without any fear of charging costs and whatnot.



How many puffs does Yuoto vape have?

Yuoto is a Japanese brand that produces electronic cigarettes and vaping products.
Their puffs have been designed to give you a consistent dose of nicotine, delivering the same amount each time. This helps to minimize variance in how you feel when using their products and prevents you from becoming dependent on them. Additionally, Yuoto emphasizes quality over quantity with their puffs. They are made with high-quality ingredients that have been tested for safety and favorability. And unlike other brands, they do not use artificial sweeteners or flavors that can irritate your throat or respiratory system.




How long does a Yuoto last?


Yuotos are available in both rechargeable and disposable models. The rechargeable
the model should last for about 240 charges, while the disposable model should last for about 6-8 uses.

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